Admin Secretary (Online Sales)

Salary: AED2000-4000 + Commission
Location: Dubai
Date Posted: April 4 2020
*Assist in managing and optimizing the company’s existing web page Amazon and noon accounts, continuously improving account performance, uploading products, optimizing product pages, processing orders and following up, ensuring account security and maintaining accounts.
*Investigate and analyze the market and competition conditions, formulate promotion plans and sales strategies, be familiar with the means of promoting drainage within and outside the station, and increase traffic and sales;
*Optimize product information based on sales data, traffic analysis, etc. to improve customer shopping experience and transaction conversion rate;
*Understand the sales rules of Amazon and noon platforms, know how to avoid the risk of follow-up selling, try to get the Buy Button, and maintain self-built lists;

*Responsible for handling customer issues, providing high-quality pre-sale, sale, and after-sales service, avoiding disputes between the two parties, maintaining and properly handling various shop issues;
*Regularly calculate sales data, inventory data, return reports, etc., adjust sales strategies in a timely manner, and maintain better inventory turnover and inventory security
*Experience in online sales is an edge
*1-2 years experience
*Bachelors graduate